Leo Pharma Ireland brought their first ever product to market in 2016. Due to the depth of knowledge, insight and experience we have in the pharmaceutical sector, they asked us to work with them on this project. We made sure it was a success from the outset. Working closely with their marketing team, we developed a range of marketing materials across a range of touchpoints from packaging, point of sale, digital sales materials and print advertisements to target their audience effectively.

Producing informative and effective POS for this new product was crucial, as we had to educate our audience about the product as well as getting their attention. Using strong bold colours and imagery that contrasts with the beauty images already saturating pharmacy shelves, our materials stand out in-store and have been extremely effective to-date.

After the success of the Dovonex® product we have been commissioned to work on developing a sister product to compliment Dovonex®, Dovocare®. Sales and marketing materials have also been produced, along with a strong digital campaign.

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